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Marketing Intern 24 March 2016

Marketing Intern

Responsibilities – Work consistently to ensure content is fresh and relevant – Maintain/establish social media platforms – Update website with pre-established content – Promote and attend local events – Visit the workplace weekly (min) Requirements – Proven social media experience, everything Insta to Ello – Basic understanding of, and ability to implement, SEO and online … Continue reading Marketing Intern

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Hello World from Wales – After 3 years hard work…! 6 December 2015

Hello World from Wales – After 3 years hard work…!

With one foot in the past, and one in the future, our range of amazing Bee Wines and the sacred spirits of Welsh are released…

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The birth of Transatlantic Mead Collaborations 6 December 2015

The birth of Transatlantic Mead Collaborations

A first mead collaboration across continents & the birth of a new meadery

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Craft Mead Bottle

5.5% ABV OG - 1068

Ingredients Open oak cask fermentation of unpasteurised Wild welsh apples and native untreated honey combine to create a dry tasty cyser.

Welsh Craft Mead


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Craft Mead Bottle

5.5% ABV OG - 1068

Ingredients A malt mashed braggot, blended and fermented with wild yeasts and the very best unpasteurised Welsh honey. Aged with ginger and spices.

Welsh Craft Mead


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our bees made your mead here

They made it with pollen from:

Welsh Craft Mead
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Why Mabinogion?

In the Mabinogion, the earliest prose literature of Britain,  there is a mind-blowing tale of 2 fighting dragons. A king digs a pit in the centre of Britain, fills it with mead, and covers it with cloth. The dragons drink the mead and fall asleep. The king then imprisons them, still wrapped in their cloth and turns them into pigs. This is the love behind our ikon in the meadery!

Not only is this epic mouth-watering, psychedelic tale-ridden piece of magic an amazing insight into the mystery of oral traditions in Wales, it also has a very cool and frequent reference to that craft beverage that the world is enjoying a renaissance with... Mead! This was the passion behind us adopting the name for our awesome team of mead makers.

The final connection, was when our founder Tom, fell in love with the art from our spiritual resident artist Poxodd, who has a style that just runs with the intoxicating nature of the Mabinogion and our legacy to create experimental meads...
Welsh honey mead

Craft Mead Making

Our craft mead team: Professor 'Mead Hands' is a local opinionated rock kid from Abertillery. He likes making mead and music...Tom Newman is the scientist behind the project and has a drive to work with barrels, hops, foraged herbs and new ingredients. Also Head Brewer at Celt Experience. Finally, James Rylance is a barrel and wild beer magician. His experience at Beavertown and and more recently Redchurch needs no more backing.

Our mead making process: We have fabricated our own mead fermenters, which control temperature and have nutrient and 02 ports to allow the perfect process control. We also have bulk tanks with spice traps and burgundy barrels to age different mead styles as we see fit.

Craft Mead Magic:Each batch is fermented with a house or culture yeast, to provide a solid balance with the local unpasteurised legendary honey. With melomels, cysers and fruit meads, our mead makers decide whether to ferment the fruit or to age in secondary and with bragotts, metheglins or spice led meads the team run taste tests/ belnds of each ingredient to marry perfect flavours together...

Love craft mead x

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Welsh Mead

Mead Finder

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The Welsh Link

In a land depicted with lore romance, rolling hills of beauty and megalith, Mead has a particular affinity with the backbones of  Wales, which has brought this team of Mead Makers particularly close together. Here are some pretty cool reasons:

The Welsh 'Kanu Y medd' aka 'song of mead', has cool lines such as "May Maelgwn of Mona be affected with mead, and affect us,
From the foaming mead-horns, with the choicest pure liquor,
Which the bees collect, and do not enjoy"

Indications that mead was drunk in Wales, is found in the Y Goddodin, a 6th century poem by the Welsh poet, Aneiron.   The poem tells of the ill-fated soldiers who were selected by the ruler of the Gododdin, for the battle.  While they prepare, they housed and feasted the men with food and mead.

The name of the Demetae tribe from West Wales is derived from that of their patron warrior deity Demotos which literally means the god of mead, or the god of drunkenness.  A warrior deity, linked to the ancient Celtic practice of getting drunk before going to battle.

According to the Laws of Hywel Dda, Bragawd, also known as Braggot, was traditionally placed somewhere between mead and the ale that we know today. This fermented drink was worth twice as much as the alternative variant for beer. We'll be making some funky barrel versions of this style!

Finally those names... Metheglin and Braggot. A metheglin is a spiced mead and the¬†Welsh word for mead is medd, and the word ‚Äúmetheglin‚ÄĚ derives from meddyglyna compound of meddyg, "healing" +llyn, "liquor". A Braggot is basically a blend of beer and honey, the name¬†arrives from Welsh Bragawd.

This mead land and legacy is pretty cool, and we're excited about it!

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Trade for bees

The science behind our craft mead pricing...

Our Mead makers are purchasing Welsh honey at a fairtrade price from local bee-keepers to fight for the little pollinators growth as their populations had been declining for 30 years, with the trend set to continue without prompt action.

In addition to tracing source honey locations, Mab mead have analysis of pollen from each batch which allows us to determine the flowers that promote flavour characters to the meads.

We also demand trace source for fresh fruit herbs and spicesthat make the various style meads you will taste.

Everything you taste, takes time, love and focus on sustainability.

Super cool fact, in Wales if bees of any kind set up home in or near your home, they are said to bless it with awesome prosperity...



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Welsh Mead Hal

Our Mead Hall

Our Mead Hall is a place to come and celebrate the renaissance of mead and food together, sitting on our crafted tables with silver goblets and nodding to some cool industrial metal music, the choice of our professor mead hands...

Open every Saturday from 12pm to 9pm

or available for private functions

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